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2016 New Style Fashion Canvas Bag

Natural cotton fabric bags are increasingly used these days thanks to their advantages ranging from price to enviromental protection features. As plastic are highly harmful to the environment and human heath, people are trying to reduce the use of plastic and the advent of eco friendly cloth bags like cotton/canvas and non-woven become more favorable than ever.
Paper bag used to be the choice for many global fashion brands thanks to its low cost but it is now being made way for better alternative - cotton bag. As a matter of fact, paper bags are incredibly fragile when getting wet and can only be utilized few times. Therefore, cotton bags become a better choice because they are washable, durable and great for promotional purposes. Cotton fabric bag is one of the most durable and can hardly be torn that easily when being washed and stuffed with great weight unlike paper bags. Besides, the printing on the cotton bags like own brand logo, slogan or meaningful messages incredibly help promote a brand or business' fame and popularity.
How to match cotton canvas handbag with your outfit
There are many options in colors for cloth bags, however, pantone black, white and grey are more popular among fashionista as such colors are more easily to match your handbag with your outfit.
Canvas bag will look better-suited with simpler and elegant yet youthful and flexible outfit for a picnic or hangout. Or else, one may look unmatched when wearing a more colorful dress in combination with a cotton canvas bag.
Thanks to its numerous advantage, cotton fabric bags are incresingly used for various purposes from shopping, hanging out, promotional activities to playing an important role as fashionable accessories.
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